Suwannee River Jam 2017

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Montgomery Gentry

2017 Suwannee River Jam Artist Spotlight

When the two Kentucky boys—Eddie from Lancaster and Troy from Lexington - first burst onto the national scene in 1999 with the defiant “Hillbilly Shoes,” notice was served - country music had never seen such a hard driving duo like this. Despite the millions of albums sold, the sold-out shows and scores of awards, Montgomery Gen-try remains in touch with its working class roots. “We are blue collar workers, and we lived the songs we sing,” says Troy. “Because of that, our fans are able to make the connection, and when they hear our songs, they know we’re singing with passion and know what we are talking about.” “With us, what you see is what you get,” Eddie says of the duo’s down-‐to-‐ earth demeanor. “We don’t act like we don’t drink or cuss. We have faults like everybody else, and that’s who we are.” Who they are is a duo with 14 Top 10 singles, including five #1 songs - “Something To Be Proud Of,” “If You Ever Stop Loving Me,” “Lucky Man,” “Back When I Knew It All” and “Roll With Me.” But awards and accolades aside, it’s Eddie and Troy’s induction into the venerable Grand Ole Opry in 2009 that means the most to them. “Unlike other awards, becoming mem-bers of the Grand Ole Opry is something people can’t take away from you,” Troy says. “Other awards come and go, but once you become a member of the Opry, you are a member for life—that’s something that Eddie and I are very proud to be a part of.

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